Obama Administration Sends More Officials To Michael Brown’s Funeral Than Margaret Thatcher’s

Aaron Bandler Contributor

There were more White House officials at Michael Brown’s funeral than there were at Margaret Thatcher’s funeral last year, Fox News reports.

Three White House officials went to Brown’s funeral on Aug. 25. At Thatcher’s funeral, no White House officials showed up, but it did send former secretaries of state George Schultz and James Baker, the charge d’affaires to the U.K. and the former U.S. ambassador. Former Vice President Dick Cheney and former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger also attended. (RELATED: In contrast with Thatcher snub, Obama inner circle jets off to Mandela memorial)

Many accused the Obama administration of snubbing the deceased former prime minister at the time. The administration responded by claiming that Schultz and Baker’s attendance provided testament to Thatcher’s standing.

Two of the three officials that attended Brown’s funeral came from the the White House Office of Public Engagement, and the other was from the My Brother’s Keeper Task Force.

One of the officials from the Office of Public Engagement, Marlon Marshall, is from St. Louis and went to high school with Brown’s mother, Cal Brown. (RELATED: Ben Carson Clashes With Jesse Jackson Over Ferguson: ‘Has Nothing To Do With Race’)

The name of the other official from the Office of Public Engagement attending is Heather Foster. Broderick Johnson is the official attending from the My Brother’s Keeper Task Force.

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