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#NotAllBritishMuslims Beheaded James Foley

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In the unlikely event that you were going to blame all British Muslims for the beheading of James Foley in front of the whole world, you really shouldn’t. This was a single British Muslim, acting entirely on his own, and he has nothing to do with any other Muslims from Britain or anywhere else.

Do you understand the ground rules now, you fat, ignorant American sheep? Good. We can begin.

NBC News:

British intelligence officials have identified the man they believe killed American journalist James Foley in Syria, U.K. security sources told NBC News on Sunday…

“We’re not in a position to say exactly who this is,” Sir Peter Westmacott said on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” but “I think we are close.” Westmacott said “sophisticated” voice recognition technology was being used to identify the man who appeared in the video, but he also stressed that the threat of British nationals in ISIS goes beyond one killer.

Well, that’s pretty racist, isn’t it? Just because one Muslim stood in front of a camera and sawed a living man’s head off, we’re supposed to believe that other Muslims are capable of performing such an inconvenience? That’s straight-up bigotry.

Um, maybe these ignorant British thugs haven’t heard that Islam is quite literally the religion of peace? Not to judge these brave freedom-fighters, but they’re following a perverted version of Islam that focuses on all the bad stuff in the Koran, instead of all the good stuff we hear incessantly every time there’s an Islamic terror attack.

Why can’t you sick, twisted Christians and Christian-sympathizers stop judging these passionate men of faith by their actions? You really need to start paying attention to the sacred phrases you’ll be forced to memorize once they gain power over you, assuming you’re generously allowed to keep your debased and wicked lives.

It’s only a matter of time, you godless bigots. Give up. Say the words.


Jim Treacher