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Sam Nunberg Is Officially Back On The Stump With Trump

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Attention reporters: Come the fall, expect to see the infamous Sam Nunberg back on the campaign trail as his former and current boss Donald Trump will be traveling to early primary states.

Asked if Trump will run for president in 2016, Nunberg’s reply is coy. “Mr Trump continues to watch the midterms and GOP perspective primary candidates and mood and status of the country very closely,” he told The Mirror in a phone conversation Tuesday.

As many remember – who can forget? – Trump fired Nunberg back in March after then-BuzzFeed Political Editor McKay Coppins wrote a scathing profile of Trump, essentially calling him out for being a phony candidate. Trump, to say the least, was displeased. His camp fired back at McKay through an appallingly  ridiculous profile by Breitbart NewsMatthew Boyle which painted Coppins as a letch and would-be slime ball toward women.

But that’s all in the past, right?

Nunberg was “fired” for about seven and half weeks in total. By the end of April he was back with “Mr. Trump” (as he affectionately calls him to his face and behind his back.

The aide is also involved with an undisclosed Senate race — a Republican Senate candidate from the south. Says Nunberg, “The Democrat is doing really badly.”

Finally, when asked about McKay and if he’d ever let him back in to do another profile of Trump at Mar-a-Lago, Nunberg actually, shockingly, zipped the lip. (I was really only asking to be funny).