Shots Heard In Alleged Brown Shooting Recording [AUDIO]

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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The sound of 10 or 11 shots from the gun of Ferguson, Mo. police officer Darren Wilson being fired at Michael Brown were recorded by a man in an apartment near the Aug. 9 shooting, according to the man’s attorney who shared the audio with CNN.

The network aired the recording Monday but has not verified its authenticity.

The 12-second audio begins with a man seemingly leaving a message for someone on an adult video service.

Six shots fired in rapid succession are heard in the background. After a two second pause, another four or five shots ring out.

Lopa Blumenthal, the unnamed man’s attorney, told CNN that her client has been interviewed by the FBI.

“At the time he didn’t even realize the import of what he was hearing until afterwards,” Blumenthal said. “It just happened to have captured twelve seconds of what transpired outside of his building.”

While it is difficult to clearly make out whether 10 or 11 shots are fired, Blumenthal told CNN she believes she heard 11.

Details surrounding the recording are unclear, including why it is emerging over two weeks after the shooting.

It is also unclear at what point the man began recording the message that captured the gun shots. Witnesses as well as law enforcement officials have said that Wilson fired one and perhaps two isolated shots in his police cruiser before numerous shots were fired outside of the car. The new audio seemingly does not capture the one or two shots fired inside Wilson’s cruiser.

Wilson has reportedly claimed that the gun went off in the cruiser during an altercation with Brown in which the 18-year-old shoved him into the car, assaulted him, and struggled to grab the weapon.

After the altercation in the car, witnesses say that Brown fled. From there, Brown’s movements and Wilson’s response are also unclear.

Wilson reportedly claims that after pursuing Brown, the man turned around to face him, taunted him and then began charging before Wilson fired the fatal shots.

Some witnesses say that Wilson began shooting after Brown fled. At that point Brown turned around in order to surrender but Wilson continued firing the fatal shots anyway, the witnesses said.

In a press conference shortly after the shooting, St. Louis County police chief Jon Belmar said that Wilson fired “more than just a couple [of shots]” but provided no further detail.

According to a CNN report filed days after the shooting, witnesses claimed that they heard up to 10 shots. Dorian Johnson, a friend of Brown’s who was with him during the shooting, told of only a few.

A medical examiner who performed a private autopsy on Brown determined that he was shot at least six times. He had eight wounds on his body, but two may have been re-entry wounds.

It was initially reported that the altercation and shooting followed an argument after Wilson ordered Brown and Johnson to get out of the middle of the road. But it later emerged that Brown had stolen cigars and shoved a store clerk just minutes before he encountered Wilson. Wilson reportedly says that seconds after their first encounter, he received the police dispatch call reporting the strong-arm robbery and then doubled-back to confront the two.


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