Fan Throws Worst First Pitch Since 50 Cent

Seth Richardson Contributor
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It’s hard to believe there could ever be a worst first pitch than 50 Cent. It was just awful. A pathetic attempt at an American institution.

But then we get treated to this. Pure beauty. The kind of thing that only happens in dreams (or nightmares).

Watch the throw here.

Well, maybe not nightmares. I mean she’s definitely a looker. Everything really is bigger in Texas.

Has no one in America thrown a baseball in like 15 years? I get that it’s just a pastime, but seriously. I saw a guy with no arms throw a first pitch better than these people. Not even making that up. (RELATED: Man With No Arms Kills It With Perfect Opening Pitch [VIDEO])

And it’s not even a wild pitch. It’s just … terrible. Granted she’s an Astros fan and that pitch could probably get her a job in the bullpen, but still. Come on, America. We gotta get back to throwing the heat. Otherwise soccer might take over.

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