Liberal Super PAC Tries To Defend Taking Soros Money While Bashing Kochs

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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The leader of a prominent liberal super PAC on Wednesday defended taking money from billionaire George Soros while simultaneously condemning conservatives for benefiting from the fortunes of the Koch Brothers.

During a Twitter exchange Wednesday, Brad Woodhouse of the Soros-backed American Bridge 21st Century argued that it is okay for his group to accept money from liberal billionaires because, unlike the Koch Brothers, these donors are “not looking to screw the middle class to enrich themselves.”

Conservatives argue that thinking is hypocritical.

Everything started Wednesday when Woodhouse blasted a news story to reporters titled, “GOP Senate Candidates Bow at Koch Throne.” The story, written by the Huffington Post, was about Republican Senate candidates praising the Koch Brothers donor network for its support.

Andrew Kaczynski, a reporter at BuzzFeed, responded to that email on Twitter by stating: “It’s almost pathetic how weak the Democrats ‘run against the Koch brothers’ strategy is.”

Woodhouse, clearly rattled by the criticism, responded to Kaczynski on Twitter that “it’s a shame you have no idea what you are talking about” before taking a cheap shot at BuzzFeed’s content: “Stick to cats.”

Kaczynski replied: “Since you’re outraged by billionaires influencing politics @woodhouseb will American Bridge be refunding largest-donor George Soros?”

“That’s a stupid question,” Woodhouse responded, taking issue with Kaczynski’s assertion that the group’s anti-Koch strategy isn’t working.

Kaczynski then asked: “So that’s a no?”

“Since you don’t understand the difference I don’t think there is any reason to continue this discussion,” Woodhouse said.

“I guess @woodhouseb your billionaires are better than their billionaires,” Kaczynski shot back.

Woodhouse then responded, “well, they’re not looking to screw the middle class to enrich themselves – so yeah – maybe you do get it.”

Kaczynski: “So you dislike big money @woodhouseb only when it isn’t your ideology. I understand now.”

Woodhouse’s final say: “I dislike people who want to stack the deck against the middle class and am irritated by people who don’t get the difference.”

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