Limbaugh: ‘Disengaged’ Obama ‘A Calculated Political Stratagem’ To Fly Under Radar [VIDEO]

Brendan Bordelon Contributor
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Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh claimed that the conventional wisdom of a “disengaged, bored” President Barack Obama is in fact a “calculated political stratagem” designed to lull opponents of his progressive agenda into a false sense of security.

Limbaugh was reacting to a New York Times report indicating the the president plans to sign a sweeping international agreement to limit carbon emissions — ignoring the Senate, who, under the Constitution, must ratify any international treaties.

“Wait a minute, how can this be?” Limbaugh asked. “I thought Obama checked out. I thought Obama lost interest. I thought Obama didn’t care about being president anymore. I thought Obama was bored. I thought Obama was depressed. I thought Obama was fed up that he couldn’t move his agenda and decided, you know what, just go play golf, like Eisenhower.”

“He’s not checked out,” the radio host asserted. “He isn’t bored. He’s not lazy, and he doesn’t not care. This is a structured, calculated political stratagem to appear detached, to appear as though he’s not engaged, so as to lull everybody into a false sense of belief that nothing’s happening, so as to lull everybody into this — almost like a safe zone, that Obama’s given up.”

Limbaugh explained the strategy in detail: “Appear totally unengaged, disengaged and appear always opposed to whatever’s going on that you’re causing, that you’re making happen and the agenda moves forward.”

He noted that things are moving forward rapidly on things like Obamacare and planned executive amnesty for illegals, despite Obama’s “disengagement.”

“Obama may go on vacation, ladies and gentlemen,” Limbaugh said. “The Obama agenda never, ever goes on vacation. The Obama agenda never, ever slows down. The Obama agenda doesn’t even have very much in its way.”

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