Texas Brewery Now Sells 99-Pack Of Beer And It’s Glorious

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Move over 6-pack — the much more impressive 99-pack of beer has arrived.

A small Texas craft brewery, Austin Beerworks, has rolled out an 82-pounds, seven-foot-long cardboard case of 99 cans of its “Peacemaker Extra Ale,” now nicknamed “Anytime Ale,” for $99, and it hits shelves this week.

The package, smartly advising buyers to “lift with your buddy, not your back,” requires two to three people to carry it. It’s three rows of 33 beers to share with your closest friends.

“Peacemaker is a beer that we have always thought deserved more attention,” said Austin Beerworks co-founder Michael Graham.

Well, it’s certainly getting it now.

Graham said they originally made it as a joke, which was, quite naturally, born over a round of beers. Austin Beerworks worked with creative firm Helms Workshop to rein in the idea.

The pack, which Graham said stands out because of its awkward two-by-four shape, is clearly too big for a home refrigerator, but is designed so once the beer’s been opened it can be covered in ice. Graham ordered 1,500, but doesn’t plan to sell them all at once. In one week, the company has fielded over 100 requests from consumers and retailers alike.

(Photo: Vevo screen capture)

(Photo: Vevo screen capture)

“No matter how many times we say it is a real thing, people still don’t believe us. It is such a silly, impractical, cumbersome thing and I would probably doubt it myself.”

Everything is truly bigger in Texas.


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