Krauthammer ‘Shocked’ By Obama’s Admission That He Has No ISIS, Ukraine Strategy [VIDEO]

Brendan Bordelon Contributor
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Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer thought he’d seen it all from President Barack Obama. But he admitted he was “shocked” by Thursday’s White House press conference, when Obama admitted he had no strategy on ISIS and planned on doing nothing to support Ukraine against Russia.

“Look, I thought the president could no longer surprise me,” Krauthammer told Fox News’ Bret Baier. “I was wrong. He shocked me today. The President of the United States, in the middle of a real crisis, a few days after the beheading of an American — deliberately sort of spitting in the face of the country and demonstrating his cruelty — the president gets in front of the world and says, ‘I don’t have a strategy.’

If that is true, don’t say anything!” he exhorted the president. “Why do you announce you don’t have a strategy?”

“But even worse was what he said about Ukraine,” he continued. “He basically said on Ukraine, ‘I do have a strategy.’ The strategy is to do absolutely nothing!”

“He basically said we’re going to do nothing,” Krauthammer lamented. “I’ll wait until I chat with the allies next week. I thought he had a phone? How about picking up the phone and talking to the allies?”

“What he could’ve said was, ‘We are going to now impose the sanctions I have said for months we would impose if there’s an invasion,'” he explained. “And this was an obvious invasion.”

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