Palestinian Authority Official: It’s OK To Kill Civilians Because ‘There Are No Innocent Israelis’ [VIDEO]

Aaron Bandler Contributor
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Senior Palestinian Authority official and Fatah leader Abbas Zaki went on Palestine Today TV in Lebanon last Friday and said he didn’t want to join the International Criminal Court because then his group couldn’t kill Israelis without being tried in the courts, Palestinian Media Watch reports.

In the video, Zaki tells the host against signing the Rome Statute, which would have made the Palestinian Authority part of the ICC, “as long as his country is occupied.”

“If tomorrow you shoot, they’ll say you signed an agreement,” Zaki said. “This is not meant for people who want to liberate their country. … I think the [Palestinian] people’s weapon is pure — they don’t want to kill.”

The video concludes with Zaki saying that “there are no innocent Israelis.”

It is not unusual for Zaki to be saying things like this. Palestinian Media Watch has a list of Zaki’s anti-Israel statements, including “Allah, will gather them [Israelis] so we can kill them” and that it was Fatah’s plan to “administer poison to them [Israel] drop by drop.”

Zaki is a close associate to Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas and has given many speeches in Abbas’s name. In an op-ed published in the Israeli left-wing newspaper Haaretz on July 8, President Barack Obama praised Abbas as a peace partner.


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