Professor To Wear Robot Suit In Futile Protest Against University Of Iowa’s Pink Visitors’ Locker Room

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In a heroically stupid effort to find something — anything — to be offended by, a communication studies professor at the University of Iowa has announced his intention to heckle his employer because the visitors’ locker room at the football stadium is painted pink.

The professor, Kembrew McLeod, will demonstrate his frustration with the legendary pink locker room by dressing as a robot and parading around at an event on Friday honoring former Hawkeye coach Hayden Fry, reports Des Moines CBS affiliate KCCI.

McLeod is calling his event a “Million Robot March.” He wants the locker room painted some different color because he believes the color pink amounts to a school-approved insult that is both sexist and hateful to gay people.

On Friday, McLeod and any other protesters who show up plan to chant “Binary code yes! Gender binaries no!” according to NBC Sports.

McLeod will dress up in a low-rent robot suit he owns. Other demonstrators may wear robot garb as well.

Fry, the winningest coach in Iowa football history, had the locker rooms painted pink in 1979 when he first arrived on campus. He was a psychology major as an undergraduate and he theorized that opposing players who were surrounded by the color pink before a football game would become passive and easier to beat.

Fry also observed that lots of bathrooms for women were pink. It is not clear how he knew this.

As the stadium has undergone various renovations, including new locker rooms, the famous pink locker room gimmick has remained — even blossomed. The renovated locker rooms feature pink lockers and pink urinals.

The protest does not appear remotely likely to succeed.

“To tear that apart and spend the money right now to redo that just seems like a very low priority to me,” University of Iowa president Sally Mason said, according to NBC. “Would a pink locker room have been my first choice? Probably not. But that predates me by quite a little bit.”

Previously, McLeod has donned his robot his suit and demanded that Bill Clinton apologize for criticizing hip-hop recording artist Sister Souljah. That stunt ended when security personnel led McLeod away.

The professor was also once mad about something Michele Bachmann did.

Kinnick Stadium’s celebrated pink locker room for visiting football teams has been a target for feminists, gay activists and various other politically-correct critics in the past.

The last big controversy flared up in 2005 when a law professor and a few bitter professors and students protested. The lament about pink as somehow demeaning women and gay people was identical nine years ago.

Fans of the Hawkeyes and the student population have overwhelming supported the pink locker room ploy.

Since instituting the color scheme, Iowa’s football team has won over 59 percent of its games, with an overall record of 251-168, according to the amazing Stassen college football database.

Prior to painting the visitors’ locker room pink, the team’s winning percentage was a dismal 49 percent.

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