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CNN Reporter Says Goodbye In Strangely Sweet, Salty Video

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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In a sweet and funny but lightly-biting goodbye video, Lisa Desjardins thanks CNN profusely but describes how they cut her Capitol Hill radio reporting job. “Thank you for making me part of the great recession,” she jabbed at one point in the footage.

As has been widely reported, Turner Broadcasting is facing cuts across the board, including hundreds at CNN and HLN. Some are being offered buyouts. Some have been cut. And still others have left on their own accord.

Desjardins, who came to work for CNN in July of 2013, sifted through all the official goodbye emails from the last six months to create word clouds of the most-used words from the notes. “We are a darn nice group,” she said. A little disturbed by all the niceties, she then created one from personal emails. “Turns out we’re not so nice,” she said. “Thank God.”

Have a look as she steals pencils and a First Aid kit off the wall.

“I’m sorry that CNN has decided to eliminate my reporter position on the Hill and cut back on congressional coverage. Course I’m also sorry that Congress is such a complete mess right now, but maybe that means we should watch them more closely.”