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Tommy Christopher…One tweet, two fucks 

First, what the fuck is Chris Matthews talking about? Obama showering? Gut country? What the fuck? — The Daily Banter‘s Tommy Christopher.


“This is the second night this week that 7-Eleven has figured prominently into my diet.” — Politico‘s Byron Tau.

The Observers 

“Hillary Clinton’s Ferguson comments were just played uncut and uninterrupted on CNN — almost as if she was actually the president.” — HuffPost Media.

Richard Grenell’s early morning rant 

“What if Obama admitted he has no plan for combatting terrorists & the @nytimes didn’t call him out for it? Would you think THEY had a plan? Can you imagine @BumillerNYT and @peterbakernyt discussing Obama’s slip up: ‘Yeah, he probably didn’t mean it. Don’t mention it.'” — Grenell, FNC media critic and former aide to Mitt Romney.

The genius behind the Jon Stewart stare…Watch a Washington Free Beacon David Rutz special here.

Pre-long weekend plans 

“Happiness is arguing with @MikeGrunwald about long-term deficit/debt forecasts at 6:00am on Friday of a long weekend.” — Politico‘s Ben White.

Matching TV outfits 

“Joining @NewDay this morning with my bud @PaulBegala. Also, @JohnBerman and I are wearing the exact same dress shirt.” — CNN contributor Kevin Madden.

Food critic wonders if Jell-O shots are a bad sign 

“Should I be afraid of a restaurant that lists among the chalkboard specials a ‘jell-o shot du jour ?'” — WaPo‘s Tom Seitsema.

Moving up in the world…

“I have 10 followers left until I’m in the 10k club. That’s weird. What are you all doing here?” — NBC News social and digital producer Stephanie Haberman.

What’s so bad about Vox Media?  

“I once thought @voxdotcom was a good idea *shudder*: ‘The Obama suit backlash is a promising sign of gender equality.'” — Daily Mail‘s David Martosko.

@voxdotcom explain yourself to death.” — Washington Monthly contributor Sam Knight.

Translation: Don’t call her, she’ll call you

“I’ll do my best to update you all on the news, but I’m off for a week to celebrate my friends’ wedding and visit family. Enjoy the weekend!” — Kyla Campbell, Cox Media Group.


The Fashion Critic 

“Scarborough’s shirt. Man. By December he’ll go full BigUglyGirl with a muumuu.” — Breitbart News‘ John Nolte.