Pentagon Spokesman: I Can’t Reveal Our ISIS Strategy Or I’ll Be Fired [VIDEO]

The Daily Caller
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Pentagon spokesman Rear Adm. John Kirby told reporters Friday that he can’t fully reveal the Obama administration’s plans to deal with ISIS.

“The president said yesterday there’s no strategy yet for ISIL,” a reporter began. “Talk about going ahead, the Pentagon’s role in developing that strategy — presumably, the secretary’s going to talk about this in Turkey and NATO with the partners — so talk a little bit about the way ahead. What are the plans you’re looking at? What do you hope to achieve? Talk about training moderate rebels. Talk about having the Pentagon have a greater role in that effort and training and assist mission in Iraq eventually — presumably would be part of that kind of a strategy.”

“Well if I tried to answer that question in every aspect that you asked it,” Kirby replied, “I’d be basically — you know, you asked me to kind of lay it all out right here in the press conference and I — [laughing] I’m sure you guys would greatly appreciate that. Would make your jobs a lot easier and mine pretty much nonexistent.”