Stone Cold Should Replace Desmond Howard On College Gameday [VIDEO]

Seth Richardson Contributor
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ESPN has found its newest member of College Gameday: Stone Cold Steve Austin.

That’s right, the Texas Rattlesnake appeared on the pregame show to discuss who his picks for opening Saturday were. And he sure knew how to make an entrance.

Then he forced Lee Corso to drink a beer.

Sure, Corso can act like he wanted to drink the beer, but everyone knows that a stunner was imminent if he didn’t imbibe. We’ve seen it time and time again. Smart move, Corso.

Stone Cold did pretty well on the show as far as analysis goes. He made some solid picks and backed it up with fair analysis. He seemed like a natural fit and handled it professionally.





In fact, he did so well that I’ve started a petition to call for Stone Cold to replace Desmond Howard. Come on ESPN. Desmond Howard is boring. Give the people what they need.

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