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It’s Good To Be The King…

Derek Hunter Contributor
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Remember when, in the middle of his vacation/golf outing on Martha’s Vineyard, President Obama returned to Washington for two days for reasons unknown? Speculation of why he’d return ranged from announcing executive action on immigration to a need to appear engaged on world events (as opposed to actually being engaged in them).

The two days came and went, lacking any major announcement or anything noticeably important beyond a meeting with his national security advisors and Attorney General (something we’re told he can do anywhere because of technology and he’s President everywhere he goes).

So why jet back to DC in the middle of his vacation, if not for show? Because Barack Obama loves to party!

The Washington Examiner’s Byron York reports, “Then, at 6:30 Monday evening, Obama’s motorcade began rolling to the event that was likely the main, unannounced reason he returned to Washington: Sam Kass’s bachelor party.”

Sam Kass is now Mr. Alex Wagner, the affable Democratic Party spokeswoman with a show on MSNBC. He’s also the Obama’s personal chef going back to their days in Chicago (when they were *cough* struggling to get by economically *cough*)

The White House never gave an official explanation as to why the President returned to DC (or why taxpayers had to foot the bill for it), but it appears to be as simple as the President wanted to party with his personal chef.

As Mel Brooks said…