Britney Spears Spent Five Figures On Her Dogs In One Year

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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If you haven’t wished to be born a white Maltese or Yorkie pup before, you will after finding out how the ever-economical Britney Spears drops five figures on her two dogs in a single year.

First, she spent $5,568 for the white Maltese in January. Then it clearly needed a more expensive playmate, so in July she bought a Yorkie for $8,212.

After spending almost $14,000 to buy the two dogs, she decided to set more money on fire by paying:

  • $1,585 on clothes for the dogs
  • $5,205 for a dogsitter

Then an additional $10,664.15 on whatever else everyday expenses dogs have. 

Add those completely logical expenses up, and Spears spent $31,234.15. On two tiny dogs. In one year.

Did you think she spent less than $31,000 on her dogs? (RELATED: Britney Spears’ Body Doesn’t Need Auto-Tune)