Guys Steal Cow With Hatchback With Precision Like Some Kind Of Bank Heist [VIDEO]

Seth Richardson Contributor
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Russia is getting really chaotic. The whole deal with Ukraine, Vladimir Putin’s slowly evolving psychosis and now casual cow kidnappings. It’s the middle of the day. Have you no decency?

The Russian Mafia is getting really out of hand. I can deal with the extortion, drug peddling and murder. But something like this? No doubt that cow belonged to a good, hard-working family.

Gotta admire that precision, though. Less than a minute to snag a cow in a four-door hatchback. This is some next-level heist maneuvering. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a guy on the roof doing surveillance. It begs the question, how many times has this happened before? There must be some kind of cow theft conspiracy over in the Eastern Bloc. Where are the sanctions on that?

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Seth Richardson