Michelle Obama Does A ‘Funny Or Die’ Sketch [VIDEO]

Rachel Stoltzfoos Staff Reporter
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Michelle Obama participated in a “Funny or Die” video, which is actually pretty funny until she shows up.

The video, titled “SNACKPOCALYPSE,” uses the framework of teenage blockbuster and “Hunger Games” wannabe “Divergent,” to mock recent outrage over Michelle Obama’s healthy lunch campaign. (RELATED: Michelle Obama’s Meddling In School Lunches Now Causes Bake Sale Bans) (RELATED: DC Children Avoiding Michelle Obama’s Healthy Lunches (RELATED: Nation’s Children Push Back Against Michelle Obama-Backed School Lunch Regulations)

Just like Tris in “Divergent,” Chloe Grace Moretz is different from everybody else. She’s dangerous, because she likes vegetables and fruit!

As her character snacks on a carrot, the kids around her stuff their faces with pizza, soda and candy, and turn into bloated zombies. She doesn’t understand why everyone can’t be healthy and “normal” like her! “It’s like the more garbage everyone eats, the sicker they get!” a mystified nurse tells Chloe’s character.

It’s all rather funny until it cuts to Michelle Obama sitting awkwardly on a couch eating a carrot and talking about watching “Frozen.”


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