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SHOCKING: Uber Exists By Politico Magazine

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Politico Magazine has a real no-brainer today. It’s a story about “Uber Wars,” a subject matter that has been tackled just a little.

Not surprisingly, the story is promo-ed by Politico Playbook proprietor Mike Allen.

Really, Uber’s biggest opponents are cabbies??!!! (A quick search of Uber versus Cabs turned up 667,000 stories.)

As The Daily Caller‘s Managing Editor Christopher Bedford snidely remarked on Twitter, “Politico Mag: If a story is 3 months/years old, just multiply th word-count three+ times: ‘Welcome To The @Uber Wars.”

GREAT READ — “Welcome to the Uber Wars,” by Andrew Zaleski in Politico Magazine: “Since the company’s founding five years ago, local, state and national governments, often backed by the taxi industry, have pushed back against a company they see as disrupting transportation markets and operating outside the government’s eye … Not surprisingly, some of the company’s biggest opponents are cabbies, who have taken to the streets claiming that Uber drivers get a leg up on business by dodging local regulations, from commercial licenses to background checks.”