Wendy Davis Lies About Her Favorite Football Team

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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Democratic Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis lied about her Dallas Cowboys fandom, according to information flagged by her Republican opponent Greg Abbott’s campaign.

“I heard the coach the other day talking about the fact that he couldn’t make any promises about what he and the team would be able to accomplish this year,” Davis said in a KCTK radio interview Wednesday. “I certainly wish our Cowboys the best. I grew up cheering for the Cowboys and I haven’t stopped since, and I’ll be cheering for them again this year.”

But wait a minute. Davis’ daughter Amber told Vogue in August 2013 that the family is a bunch of New England Patriots fans, which would make sense since Davis was born in West Warwick, Rhode Island.

“The two propose a tour of the family’s Spanish-style town house—starting with the media room, where Super Bowl parties are held (‘Mom’s best friend is Patti Kraft, whose father-in-law owns the Patriots, so we’re big fans,” Amber tells me),” Vogue reported.

“[Sen. Davis] hosts Super Bowl parties and loves the New England Patriots, which her BFF’s family owns,” reported Buzzfeed in its subsequent bombshell piece “6 Times Wendy Davis Was a Cool Mom In Her Vogue Profile.” (Was one of those times a lie? Was she only a cool mom five times?)

Davis’ campaign did not immediately return a request for comment.

The Daily Caller previously caught Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi saying that she grew up singing “Hail To The Redskins,” even though her father was the Baltimore mayor that kept the Johnny Unitas-led Colts in town.

The Obama crony leading the charge to change the Redskins name, meanwhile, is an abusive tribal leader who we exposed as a fraud — he’s not even technically a member of the tribe he leads. (RELATED: Anti-Redskins Campaigner Runs Abusive Tribal Government).

There’s really nothing funnier than watching liberals pretend that they know anything about football, which they hate because the culture of the sport is politically conservative (“rape culture” according to them).

After the St. Louis Rams cut Michael Sam this week, mainstream liberal reporters put down their asthma inhalers and tofu pops and went all Mike Lupica and Peter Gammons on us. It was ridiculous.

“One person on my Facebook page said that if Michael Sam were good enough he’d be playing,” said the Huffington Post. “I don’t know how this person could possibly justify such a statement since the NFL’s record — of giving slaps on the wrist for ugly homophobic incidents and hiring known haters — suggests otherwise, and no openly gay player had been drafted before.”

But how well, Huffington Post, does he defend against the option?

Buzzfeed’s “Sports” section (real thing, swear to God) declared, “Let’s be very clear about this: If Michael Sam’s sexual orientation was still private knowledge, he would be on an NFL roster today” and then ran a list of 17 mostly-black players who Buzzfeed suggested should not be allowed to play because they had run-ins with the police.

Dear Liberals: Stay the Hell out of football. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

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