Dreadnoughtus! Scientists Just Found A Seriously Massive Dino

Rachel Stoltzfoos Staff Reporter
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Scientists just found the remains of a massive new dinosaur they’ve named the dreadnoughtus.

The long-necked dinosaur had a huge weaponized tail and weighed 65 tons, making it the largest known dinosaur, reported The Washington Post. Dreadnoughtus stands for “fear nothing,” and this one was still growing when it died in Argentina.

“To put this in perspective, an African elephant is about five tons, T. rex is eight tons, Diplodocus is 18 tons, and a Boeing 737 is around 50 tons,” a paleontologist told the Washington Post. “And then you have Dreadnoughtus at 65 tons.”

The long neck meant the dino probably didn’t have to walk far for food, he added, but its massive body meant falling over would have been “catastrophic” and almost certainly fatal.

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