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Ex-Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell conviction fallout

“Orange is the new McDonnell” — Miami Herald political reporter Marc Caputo.

Joan Rivers: Dead at 81 

“Joan Rivers was funny as sh$t. That is all.” — Politico‘s Ben White.

“For Rivers, who died today, at eighty-one, life’s inherent shittiness was something to be called out over and over again, at all costs.” —The New Yorker.

“Joan Rivers: genius or racist comic? We’re talking about her legacy this morning. Tune in!” — lefty radio host Bill Press.

Is there an explainer for this? 

“That thing where you’ve written 12 headlines for a piece and none of them feel right.” — Vox Media‘s Ezra Klein.

Reporter to world: If I do this, just shoot me

“If I ever use the term “thought leader” in anything but air quotes, just shoot me.” — The Intercept‘s Dan Froomkin.

Important Q to ask ourselves: “At what point should I deal with my achilles? ‘Stabby kill kill,’ or ‘oh dear god please cut my foot off’?” — Marketplace reporter Lizzie O’Leary.

Important Q for politicians to ask themselves: “Pondering average ratio of actual value added for politicians on Twitter vs. risks that they screw it up and Tweet something inappropriate.” — NYT‘s Nick Confessore.

On nude selfies…

“I understand that an actress filming a nude scene is different than an actress taking a nude selfie. But in each case, there’s human agency.” — The Daily Caller‘s Jim Treacher.

Washington’s newest fashionisto 

“Men in fishing vests = Bad fashion. Best stories.” — Media Matters writer Chance Seales.


Thank You For Sharing: Reader thinks I’m a retard 

@betsyscribeindc You’ve already shown you’re a fucking moron. Go back to the trash where you belong retard.” — Julian Green of Germantown, Md. upset about my story on WaPo‘s Wesley Lowery, the “brave” reporter who went to Ferguson.