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Washington Post Finds Obama’s ISIS Strategy…Sort Of

Derek Hunter Contributor
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Washington Post columnist David Ignatius has found Barack Obama’s strategy to “degrade and destroy” that terrorist army ISIS. Sort of.

In his column today, Ignatius writes, “Obama does seem to have a strategy, and it gets pretty good marks from allies abroad.”

Awesome! What is it?

President Obama signals his caddy that "It's 'go time'"

President Obama signals his caddy that “It’s ‘go time'”


The next line in his piece is, “But many components aren’t ready yet, and some aren’t fully conceptualized.” Um…

A strategy that isn’t “ready yet” could still be a strategy, but one with major components not yet “fully conceptualized,” to me, isn’t really a strategy. It’s more like an idea or two. And given the fact that the President of the United States has had a year AND the entire Pentagon at his disposal, an idea or two is literally the bare minimum you should expect…from a janitor.

Ignatius goes on to explain in more detail a “plan” that is heavily reliant on other, unreliable actors on the world stage contributing and playing the roles we’d need to them to play in order to work.

This, again, isn’t so much a “strategy” as it is a vague series of ideas that would be really cool if they all came together. But this elaborate series of dominoes aren’t in place, may never be in place, and there’s no hint of a plan B.

What could possibly do wrong?

I suspect, in the months it will take for all these pieces to be in position to have the possibility to come together, we will find out.