What To Expect From Benny Johnson At National Review

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National Review has hired Benny Johnson, the conservative politics editor who BuzzFeed threw under the bus in late July.

Rich Lowry, National Review’s editor-in-chief, believes Johnson has now been punished enough for faithfully following BuzzFeed’s business model. Lowry called Johnson “a talented journalist, with obviously a lot to contribute.” (RELATED: Scandal-Torn Benny Johnson To National Review)

What will National Review look like with Johnson on staff? Well, you’ve got to imagine there will a big increase in the number of listicles — since Johnson without listicles is like cornflakes standing athwart milk, yelling stop.

Here, The Daily Caller confidently predicts a few of the stories likely to crop up soon at the august journal of conservatism in the Benny Johnson Era:


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