Browns Fan Goes On Epic Rant Against The Team

Seth Richardson Contributor
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Man, it’s got to be tough being a Browns fan.

Just ask this guy as he goes completely psychotic over the loss to the Steelers yesterday.

Fair warning, there’s a wee bit of not safe for work language in the video.

In a nutshell: “Jimmy Haslem, did you buy a [expletive deleted] team to watch Brian FUCKIN’ Hoyer go three and [expletive deleted] out every [expletive deleted] series.”

Also, dude loves Johnny [expletive deleted] Manziel and thinks he should be starting right [expletive deleted] now. And Mike Pettine should pray to God because he [expletive deleted] sucks.

I don’t know about you, but I feel some sympathy for him. I mean just look at him. He rocks a soul patch like a ‘90s alternative band? You’re better than this Browns fan.

Lastly, his team really is god-awful. Even though they almost came back and beat the Steelers, they’re doomed to just be absolute garbage the rest of the year. I don’t know why this comes as a frustration or surprise to any Browns fan. It’s not like the team has a repertoire as a powerhouse. The last time the team won the Super Bowl, they had to switch towns and become an entirely new franchise.

So calm down Cleveland-bro. Just root for the team after it moves to London/Los Angeles/Toronto/any other town and wins a Super Bowl.

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