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California Congressman Shuts Up His Constituent: ‘This Is MY Forum’

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Rep. Mark Takano (D-Calif.) sure is great at retail politics.

At a recent Town Hall meeting in Jurupa, Calif., when a male constituent tried to press him on his attitude toward bipartisanship he flipped his lid.

As Politichicks reported, the voter asked, “Are you the candidate who says ‘I can’t stand this bipartisanship’ and is candid against the Speaker for being candid or are you the candidate that grades reports, questions the third highest ranking member –”

He eventually got out his full question: “My question is: which candidate are you? The guy who can’t stand bipartisanship bickering or the guy who holds mock interventions, grades reports and questions the third highest ranking member of a political institution? That’s my question.”

Like any good congressman, Takano said f–k this sh-t, this is MY town hall. No, really, he said this minus the swearing.

“Excuse me sir!” Takano said, raising his voice. “Excuse me sir! This isn’t your forum. This is my forum! This isn’t a public forum. This is my forum.”

The Mirror phoned Takano’s office for comment. We’re awaiting a comment from spokesman Brett Morrow.