NFL Insider Adam Schefter Calls Out The NFL About The Ray Rice Video

Seth Richardson Contributor
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Everybody is turning his or her back on the Ray Rice, Roger Goodell and the NFL after the video from Rice’s domestic violence case surfaced Monday. Even ESPN Golden Boy and NFL shill Adam Schefter.

Schefter is regarded as the standard for NFL insiders. He’s pretty much the Tom Brady of NFL reporting. By all accounts, he’s a pretty tame guy. And I can’t recall a single time when he has lost his cool. But even he is pissed about the Rice tape and the league’s handling of the situation.

Original reports said the NFL had seen the video, and if that is the case, Schefter is disgusted at Rice only receiving a two-game suspension. On SportsCenter Monday morning, Schefter said the incident might be the greatest “black eye” to the league ever. That’s including former commissioner Pete Rozelle’s admitted folly of playing football the Sunday after John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

“This is an unprecedented situation,” he said. “Rarely have we had anything like this where there is video as graphic as this involving a high profile player. The fallout, we think, is still coming, and we’ll see what direction this goes.”

And the Ravens might be even worse, he said, and I have to agree with him. The team gave the guy a standing ovation back in July. The Ravens website posted the video, and then only mentioned his suspension in passing (not even saying what it was for). “Rice Jerseys sprinkled the crowd, worn by both females and males,” the piece said.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Here are quotes from the piece:

“I have on number 27 to show the fans, and the world, that I am supportive of Ray Rice,” said Jerra Byrd of Randallstown, Md. “He has been forgiven by his wife. He is moving on with his life. He didn’t ask for the two-game suspension.”

“I’m wearing his jersey because he is still a good man,” added Debbie Lindling of Baltimore. “I’m happy to support Ray Rice, just like he has always supported our community.”

That’s some strong morals you have there, Baltimore. I give the Jets, Browns and Raiders a lot of flack for sucking, but you might take the cake as far as scummy goes. It’s just a shameless attempt by the PR team to make light of this abuse.


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