Ray Lewis Personifies Irony By Admonishing Ray Rice [VIDEO]

Seth Richardson Contributor
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Is there any greater irony on Earth than Ray Lewis talking down to Ray Rice about his actions?

Lewis went on NFL Countdown Monday and completely disparaged Rice after he was cut for brutally beating his wife in an elevator. Lewis made sure to say that him possibly murdering a guy and Rice punching out his wife were different.

“You have to take a step back when you’re an owner, when you’re anybody who walks in the room and see that type of evidence that you haven’t heard before – haven’t seen before,” Lewis said. “And one thing (Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti) made very clear: there’s no comparison between me and Ray Rice.”

You’re right Lewis. There is no comparison. She’s alive, whereas Jacinth Baker and Richard Lollar, the two murder victims, are dead. The gall of this guy is simply outrageous. To go on national TV and admonish Rice? It’s ridiculous.

Rice is a despicable guy. It’s disgusting what he did. But of all the people to come in and say they are above him at all because of the “you never hit a woman” mantra, Ray Lewis? I happen to agree with that sentiment, but you killed a guy (or at least held him down while he was stabbed). And that’s a brilliant line about the evidence up there. Sort of like the evidence you got rid of during the investigation. Remember that white suit that’s covered in blood? I bet you do since destroying it might have gotten you off the hook.

This is a PR move. All you’re doing is distancing yourself from Rice because you don’t want your past coming up while ESPN has you on the payroll (which is a whole different column, but still wreaks of some ridiculous double-speak).

Lewis was sure to bring up the “Good Book” as well. You know what else it says in the Good Book? Thou shalt not kill. It’s literally written in stone.

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