White House Email Tells Americans To ‘Slide To The Left’

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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The White House told Americans in an email to “slide to the left” to find out how the economy has improved.

The White House sent an email Monday evening touting alleged economic improvements during the Obama presidency. The subject line of the email: “Slide to the left.”

“Slide to the left” the email begins, in bold type.

The winking political nature of the email is noticeable, though the White House may not have wanted its jokey political reference to sound like it came from an Orwellian P.A. system telling people to slide down in line in some clinical government cafeteria.

“While there’s still a lot more work to do, the economy has improved significantly since President Obama took office in 2009,” the email claimed. “…you can see the progress we’ve made in four key economic sectors that have helped make 10 million jobs possible. Want to see exactly how far we’ve come since the Great Recession? Just slide to the left.” The email then encourages people to slide their mouses left over an interactive graphic to look at some stats on auto production.

While the email encouraged people to “slide to the left,” the official White House blog post with identical information that the email linked to does not include “slide to the left” terminology. The White House blog post allows people to slide either way over the graphics to look at the information.

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