Apple’s Live-Stream Was A Complete Disaster

Giuseppe Macri Tech Editor
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Apple cemented its reputation for building the world’s most innovative tech products Tuesday, while simultaneously establishing a new one for most technologically inept presentation ever.

The Cupertino-based Silicon Valley giant marked its biggest launch event in years by unveiling its latest bleeding-edge products to date over a crashing live-stream video feed, complete with multiple overdubbed foreign language translators and constantly freezing picture.

Millions of Apple die-hards got their first look at Apple’s new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus on any number of media websites other than Apple, while the company’s live-streaming event page displayed the color-TV rainbow test bar you’ve seen during cable-TV emergency testing since the ’80s.  (RELATED:  Tim Cook Reveals iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus At Apple Launch Event)

Many heard the first public description of the phone’s latest features with the accompaniment of a Chinese translator talking over CEO Tim Cook’s prepared statement.

Next time the company may want to worry a little less about the dew on the side of the building on launch day, and more so about its primary conduit of presentation to the world. (RELATED: Apple Is Making This Guy Wipe Dew Off The Side Of Its Launch Event Building)

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