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Chuck Todd Gets Called Out For Over-Tweeting

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Buckle up “Meet the Press” viewers. Now that NBC’s Chuck Todd is in the hot seat as the show’s moderator, he faces a scrutiny unfathomable to most of us.

And this includes his tweeting habits.

Not known for being an over-tweeter in the mindless, relentless capacity of Politico Magazine’s Deputy Editor Blake Hounshell or even National Journal‘s tweeting madman Ron Fournier, Todd got ripped on anyhow.

Todd actually replied to the bitchy woman’s comments.

While “Karen” replied with a smiley face, “Traci” wasn’t so kind. He or she weighed in on Todd, writing, “Smug, pretentious and so out of your league.” (GEE THANKS TRACI!)

What’s next on the attack front, his ginger-hued goatee? (Oh, right, that’s been done already (in 2009, 2010 and 2014), but expect more of it to come as his facial hair has two phony Twitter accounts. “I ask the questions too tough for my face,” one of the alias bios reads. A recent Daily Beast story mentioned it in a headline: “Todd Brings Goatee and Game to MTP Debut.” Some have already called on him to shave it off.)

The Mirror requested comment from Todd on the greater scrutiny under which he must now operate.

Somewhere, somehow, David Gregory is smiling. He doesn’t have to deal with this shit anymore.