Krauthammer: Obama ‘Living On The Moon’ Comparing Yemen, Somalia To ISIS

Al Weaver Reporter
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Speaking on Fox News’ Special Report Wednesday, syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer criticized pre-released excerpts from President Obama’s speech to the nation on America’s strategy to take down ISIS:

Bret Baier: “Charles, one year ago, the president told the american people that the U.S. military doesn’t do ‘pinprick’ strikes when talking about his efforts against syria and the chemical weapons redline”

Charles Krauthammer: “Which is roughly what he’s done in Yemen and Somalia, which in the speech he’s going to say is the model for what he’s about to undertake in Syria, which is a contradiction of everything that we thought we’ve been hearing over the past last week. If he thinks Yemen and Somalia are comparable to ISIS, he’s living on the moon. The real comparison is to the original Afghan campaign, where we had a very small number of boots on the ground, special ops who were the spotters, a lot of them actually on horseback, with a Northern Alliance with local militias on the ground supporting us and opposing the Taliban. And, of course, overwhelming air power, and we destroyed the Taliban regime in 100 days. That’s a serious campaign. Is Obama going to do this? I don’t know.”

“But we just heard him saying over a month ago that it’s a fantasy to imagine that the pharmacists, the doctors and the farmers of Syria can in any way go against their enemies in the place. Now he’s going to announce that going to give the pharmacists tanks and, without any other support on the ground, somehow they’re going to prevail. I think that’s unlikely. And when he tells us of the broad alliance, so far it’s nine countries, all NATO except Australia. Are any of them going to put soldiers on the ground? Have we heard that? If you compare it, what’s the gold standard for a large coalition? George W. Bush in Iraq. The one that Democrats call the unilateralist who took us in alone. 37 countries with boots on the ground.”