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Major Garrett Asks Why Anyone Should Watch Obama’s ISIS Speech

Derek Hunter Contributor
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Given what we know of President Obama’s speech tonight, Major Garrett of CBS News asks White House Spokesmodel Josh Earnest the $64,000 question — Why should anyone bother to watch?

Garrett lays out all the bullet points the President will deliver tonight — no boots on the ground, no timeline, no cost information, no tactical operational details — in other words: nothing new. What’s the point of a speech, a primetime address to the nation, where no new information will be conveyed? Couldn’t the media just replay one of his old speeches on ISIS?

Earnest’s answer left a lot to be desired, too. He said people should watch because Obama, the commander in chief, “will be communicating directly with the American people about a core national security priority.”

He continues from there, but what’s the point?

Garrett responds by saying “The audience wants to know how we’re gonna win. Mr. President, tell us how we’re gonna win. And I don’t hear, based on what you’ve said, the President telling people that …”

Earnest had no answer, saying he didn’t have the speech in front of him. But what can you really expect from the “Participation Ribbon President”?

Barack Obama sees the world as Lake Wobegon, where everyone is special, everyone is “above average,” and all points are valid. Judging is not allowed. He’ll pay lip service to concepts like “security” and “justice,” but he’ll offer a nothingburger to satiate the desire for them.

Expect a rerun of Matlock to offer stronger leadership than we’ll see from the President tonight.