Nancy Grace Thinks Ray Rice Should Work Again…As A Street Cleaner

Al Weaver Reporter
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By now, it seems as though everyone has chimed in on the Ray Rice situation. You can now add Nancy Grace to the list.

The always-incensed legal commentator said Wednesday that Ray Rice should be able to go back to work, but not in the NFL.

“I’m not defending Ray Rice, because I think he should go to jail, but everybody else in America who does a serious crime and they do time, they get to go back to work. So we’re not going to let him work?” Grace said.

“Well, what’s the time he would need to do? He’s suspended indefinitely, he’s kicked off the Ravens team,” interjected CNN host Brooke Baldwin. “At what point do you say, as Roger Goodell sort of kind of said, maybe he goes back, maybe he even appeals…”

“When I said ‘go back to work,’ I didn’t mean as a role model for little children. When I say go back to work, I don’t mean as a role model with the NFL. I mean, you know, maybe cleaning the streets. Yea, he can go make a living and his wife can go to work too, they can all work just like my family,” Grace replied.

The talking-head also had some choice words for Roger Goodell, lambasting the commissioner and the NFL for not trying harder to acquire the video that was ultimately released Tuesday morning by, saying the league “stuck their head in the sand, and their butt, excuse me, in the air.”