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Obama’s ISIS Speech Drinking Game

Derek Hunter Contributor
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If you’re going to subject yourself the Barack Obama’s speech tonight I have to assume alcohol will be involved. As such, I suggest the following drinking game to make it more interesting.

(WARNING: As with any drinking game involving a speech from the President and buzzwords, discretion is your friend. If you take a drink at every one of his meaningless platitudes you will be dead by the end of it, or an honorary Kennedy. Either option is bad.)

Take a drink if Obama says:

Let me be clear.
Bring them to justice.
Boots on the ground.
Inclusive government.
Regional powers.
There are some who will say…(Strawman alert)

Finish your drink if he says:

The wrong side of history.
I (or my administration) will not rest.
Community of nations.

Finish the bottle if he says:

We will hunt these monsters down, whatever it takes, and wipe them off the face of the Earth.

He’ll never say the last one, so you’re safe.

And pop the cork on a bottle of champaign if he says anything you believe will actually lead to the United States being more secure. (Probably won’t be an issue, but still…)

Enjoy the speech, and the buzz.

UPDATE: A Twitter user suggested “Muslim terrorist” be added to the list, if only to encourage sobriety. Slipped my mind completely because I’ve never heard the President say that phrase. Consider it added.

UPDATE #2: Another Twitter users tweeted me some great suggestions:

There are those who will say.
They’ll have to help themselves.
I can do this without Congress.

If you have more suggestions, tweet them to me @DerekAHunter and I’ll update when I can.

UPDATE #3: Another tweeter suggests:

Make no mistake.

UPDATE #4: They keep tweeting in:


And another with this picture:



UPDATE INFINITY: I’m just going to add them here and link to the person who tweeted it to me in each individual suggestion.

International community
21st century

We didn’t start this


Multinational coalition 
Partners in peace 
Shocking atrocities 
Not representative of all of Islam 

Some suggestions came in for designated drivers:

Islamic State 

And if he ever uses the term “ISIS”