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Sec. Of The Interior Makes Weird Masturbation Reference

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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What a better time and place to talk about masturbation than on a tour of the White House Visitors Center with First Lady Michelle Obama?

In a splendid WTF moment, Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell strolled trough the Center with Obama, White House Historical Association Chairman Fred Ryan and National Park Service Director Jonathan Jarvis.

What a boring, boring time. Well, until Jewell decided to make things sexually interesting.

Obama began discussing how she doesn’t touch things on a certain desk, especially things like emergency buttons. She says the kids do that.

Then Jewell began discussing her favorite artifacts at the Visitors Center (big yaaawwwnn). No smelling salts needed here. Everyone was revived when the Secretary of the Interior mentioned masturbation.

From a White House Pool Report by The Hill’s Judy Kurtz:

Sally Jewell drew laughs several times during her remarks.

Noting one of her favorite artifacts in the Visitor Center are the chocolate molds used by pastry chefs to create the White House seal, she said, “As I’ve taken friends to lunch at the White House, yes, people have taken pictures of the butter.”

She also offered up a lighter, and perhaps unintentionally awkward moment,

“This interactive center is just that, interactive. It encourages people to touch. So for those of us that have children or grandchildren, or even if we love to touch ourselves, there’s some great stuff out there.” Your pooler observed a few nervous glances after the comment.

Thank you Sally Jewell for giving us all permission to touch ourselves. (In the same sentence as children and grandchildren no less.)