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The President’s Critics

“Couldn’t the WH TV office have prevented POTUS from sounding like he’s talking in a tunnel?” — Jonathan Alter.

“I’m not sure how he manages it during an address this important, but he looks so bored right now.” — Tabitha Hale.

“The acoustics are off for #ObamaSpeech. A metaphor. Oh man.” – John T. Bennett.

“Anyone else think POTUS is wearing way too much makeup?” — The Times of London‘s Matt Spence.

“Newt likes speech, Chris Matthews not so much. #thistown” — Jim Swift, assistant editor, The Weekly Standard.

Sex and the aging journo 

“I try not to think about sex and aging, thanks.” — Ryan Beckwith reacting to this: “MT @npratc: Viagra has transformed the way many people think about sex and aging.”

Activism not journalism

“Thank you @tedcruz for giving the response Obama should have given.” — Townhall‘s Katie Pavlich.

The Angry Media Critic: “CNN, MSNBC with John McCain, the only senator in america. God damn it cable bookers, whats wrong with you?” — Media Matters’ Oliver Willis.

Wesley Lowery WASN’T in Ferguson last night?

“All hands on deck at WaPo for Obama’s speech on ISIS. Liveblog of our coverage here (click it now!)” — WaPo‘s Wesley Lowery.

Sounds like a rip roaring good time 

“McCain, Carney, Tapper, H. Fineman, Tucker Carlson & I traveled to Vietnam together in 2000. A good time was had by all.” — Politico columnist Roger Simon. Quinn-Gillespie & Associates and ex-Senate flack Jim Manley remarked, “Sorry, Roger but the fact that at that time so many reporters were in the tank for McCain was not a good thing.”

Holy Sh&t! 

If Obama wasn’t brown at the start of his speech, he would be at the end, he is so full of poop! –dude on Twitter whose name is “Mark Wonderful.”

Brad Dayspring talks himself down from TV temptations 

“I will not watch I will not watch I will not watch CHANGE THE DAMN CHANNEL!” –NRSC’s Brad Dayspring reacting to news that McCain was debating the Prez’s speech with NBC’s Andrea Mitchell.

What’s the point of the Apple Watch again?  

“A phone that I don’t use to make calls now paired with a watch I don’t use to tell time.” — Michael Jones, former CEO, MySpace.

Another journo gets Marty’D

(Marty Rudolf is D.C.-NYC’s media Twitter darling. Dan Gainor is VP of Business and Culture for Media Research Center.)

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 12.00.43 AM

The Observer

“Tonight’s version of the “tan suit” nonsense is the ‘OMG a former Obama spox and a frequent Obama critic argued on the teepee'” — Yahoo! News’ Olivier Knox.

CNN’s Jay Carney Vs. Sen. John McCain 


“A view of @JayCarney v @SenJohnMcCain from best seat in the house.” — CNN host and occasional cartoonist Jake Tapper.