Report: Obamacare To Cancel Health Plans For 250,000 Virginians

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Up to 250,000 Virginia residents will have their health insurance plans cancelled this fall due to Obamacare regulations, NBC 29 WVIR reports.

“Nearly a quarter million Virginians will have their current insurance plans cut this fall,” said a local NBC-29 anchor on Thursday. “That is because many of them did not — are not following new Affordable Care Act rules, so a chunk of the companies that offer those individuals their policies will make the individuals choose new policies.”

“This goes back to that now heavily-criticized line we heard before Obamacare was put in place: ‘If you like your plan, you can keep it,'” said reporter Alana Austin. “Ultimately, that turned out not to be true for thousands of Virginians and companies in the Commonwealth. … Wednesday Virginia lawmakers on the health insurance reform commission met for the first time this year. Turns out, a staggering number of Virginians will need new plans this fall.”

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The Obama administration offered two rounds of extensions, allowing insurers to continue offering some health insurance plans that are noncompliant with the health-care law through October 2017.

The final decision on whether to accept the unilateral change to Obamacare regulations lies with the states, however, which can choose to turn down the fix and require insurers to remain compliant with Obamacare. Virginia is one of many states that did not accept the White House’s “administrative fix” for the outcry against cancellations.

Some states have pushed back against the changes, calling them an attempt to foist responsibility for Obamacare cancellations on the states. West Virginia filed a lawsuit against the Obama administration in July for the extension on the grounds that it violates the Affordable Care Act and leaves states responsible for enforcing federal law. (RELATED: West Virginia Attorney General Sues Obama Admin For Obamacare’s Administrative Fix)

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