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Twitter Narcissus: Salon’s Joan Walsh Really Loves Herself

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Admiration happens all the time on Twitter. But self-admiration? Now that’s really a special thing, especially when it comes from Salon‘s lefty editor-at-large Joan Walsh, who appears to have little in the way of online self-awareness. It’s like she’s taking Internet tips from real estate mogul Donald Trump, who also loves and retweets any and all compliments people give him, as if to reassure himself and everyone else that he’s important.

On Wednesday CNN’s media reporter Brian Stelter announced that one of Walsh’s pieces was “worth reading” before President Obama delivered his robotic 9 p.m. speech.

Guess what? SHOCKER! Joan agreed! She got so excited that she retweeted his tweet. About her! Because let’s face it, is there really higher praise than having a media writer endorse your work?

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