Giancarlo Stanton Getting Beaned In The Face, Teams Brawl [VIDEO]

Seth Richardson Contributor
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The Milwaukee Brewers are trying out a new way to play ball: just smash people in the face and hope it pays off. Apparently, it works.

Let’s recap. First Mike Fiers pegs Giancarlo Stanton in the face. He has to be taken away on a stretcher because that’s what happens when you catch an 88 mph pitch with your teeth.

Then he hits Reed Johnson in the hands, and Johnson is called for a strikeout. Of course this leads to a brawl. Can’t just let your team start taking fastballs like it’s nothing.

Then Casey McGehee gets thrown for trying to fight an umpire. Love the move. Nothing worse than an umpire who doesn’t know what he’s doing. I’d fight every umpire if given the chance.

So that puts us at three. But then Anthony DeSclafini gets tossed for hitting Carlos Gomez. The best part about all this? Mike Fiers stayed in the game! Love it. Pure baseball anarchy. If we can’t get juiced up meatheads hitting home runs, at least the MLB can keep me guessing.

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