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College Students Sign Petition To Support ISIS

Derek Hunter Contributor
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Tuition prices are skyrocketing, and IQ points are plummeting. Coincidence?

Would you sign a petition to support ISIS? Probably not, because you presumably have an IQ higher than that of your shoe size. It seems, however, that many college students don’t share that burden.

Dan Joseph from the Media Research Center went to George Mason University to see just how many students would blindly sign a petition supporting the beheading terrorist group selling women into sexual slavery and executing thousands of people for not existing in a way they approve of. In an hour he got 13 signatures. Stupidity at $424.25 per credit hour

The interactions he captured on tape are a disturbing look into the mindset of a great many Americans, particularly young people. It’s not like ISIS is the Tamil Tigers, they’re a group currently beheading people and releasing videos of it. They’re also being bombed regularly by the United States, were the subject of a primetime television address by the President of the United States just a few days ago, and have been all over the news like a rash on a fat kid who rolled naked down a hill of poison ivy.

Still many people Joseph encountered clearly had no idea who they were, they just heard “Sign my petition” and they signed it.


Some had heard of them, knew who they were, and signed anyway because they don’t like war. Others had weird conspiracy theories like one of the beheaded American journalists was “Mossad,” seeming to imply that he had it coming because, you know, JEWS!

It wasn’t all idiots on the campus of George Mason, thankfully. A few people chewed out Joseph for the stupidity of the petition. They were in the minority, but they were the most passionate, so there’s that. In a generation that gets its news from The Daily Show and overwhelmingly supports a President overseeing an economy that will keep the majority of them living with their parents until their mid-30s you’ve got to take your victories where you can find them.