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Nate Silver states the obvious about stating the obvious 

“To state obvious: Hillary Clinton’s been running for president since (at least) 2013. Doing all the things a candidate would usually do.” — ESPN’s Nate Silver.

Deep Thoughts With Montel Williams 

“Those who cannot ‘do’ ‘troll’ instead.” — Montel Williams, activist and ex-talk show host, getting all snappy on Twitter.


“Please tell me I am not the only person right now sitting on my couch eating Oreos watching #MissAmerica.” — Daily Beast contributor Kristen Anderson.

Should Nick Confessore be Mr. America?

“It’s weird how there’s no contest where good looking men compete for scholarships in their bathing suits.” — NYT‘s Nick Confessore.

Journo “grossed out” by burrito eater on bus

“I am severely grossed out by this guy eating a breakfast burrito on the bus. Can that really not wait till you reach your destination?” — Cara Rubinksy, Chicago-based AP reporter.

Eavesdrop Café

“OH in Des Moines Marriott bar: ‘Tom Harkin is great…he’s my profile picture.'” — NBC’s Kasie Hunt.

Colonoscopy TV is so yesterday 

“It’s as if everyone thinks colonoscopies make for interesting TV since Katie Couric did it on the Today Show. I disagree. #RHONJ” — Politico‘s Olivia Petersen.

GROSS: Harkin Steak Fry is full of shit 

“Disgusting but true: The seven porta-potties at the #HarkinSteakFry are filled nearly to their rims.” — Jennifer Jacobs, chief politics reporter, The Des Moines Register.

Confessional 2. 

“I will admit to some public making out with my husband, and I can firmly attest this has never happened to us.” — Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL and columnist for The Nation.

A reporter’s odd wish regarding The New Yorker

“Wish the New Yorker would stop (unknowingly) stealing all my ideas and then writing about them better than I’m capable of doing.” — Jamie Bartlett, tech blogger for The Telegraph.

Journo finally cooks

“I just cooked two meals in a row! Which may be the most consecutive meals I’ve cooked in… my entire life. You may now judge me.” — NYT‘s Ashley Parker.

Editor spits at Redskins tickets (so to speak)  “Was offered tickets to today’s Redskins-Jags game at a discounted price. Discount? You’d have to pay me to go to that game.” — The Hill‘s editor-in-chief Bob Cusack.

Reporter encounters hot girl on train 

“Naturally, the hot girl who sits next to me on the train has a boyfriend — and that’s all she is interested in talking about.” — TheBlazeOliver Darcy, who hasn’t graduated to the use of the word “woman” yet.

Sarcastic enthusiasm is…
“Miss Arkansas loves giraffes! And has 130 pairs of shoes! That’s so AWESOME cuz I love giraffes too.” — The Atlantic‘s and Slate‘s Hanna Rosin.