Bryan Cranston Is Cooler Than You Are

Derek Hunter Contributor
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Bryan Cranston is probably the coolest man on the planet. Sure, some will say it’s Jon Hamm, others still will go with Jon Stewart, and still more will go with someone else, perhaps someone whose first name is not a nickname for the bathroom. Whoever they go with, they’re wrong if they don’t go with Bryan Cranston.

Cranston’s guest shots on Seinfeld as Tim Whatley, the dentist who converted to Judaism so he could tell Jewish jokes, set him on his path to greatness. His years on Malcolm In The Middle may have slowed his pace in the eyes of many, but the checks cleared, so… It was the role of Walter White on perhaps the greatest television show in history, Breaking Bad, that put him on the permanent A-List. But it is his work on the Internet that highlighted just who damn cool the guy is.

In honor of his new video for the MLB Playoffs, I’ve compiled a few of his funniest non-TV series moments…in no particular order.

The “alternate ending” for Breaking Bad
It could have happened this way.

He gets a kid a date to the prom
Jon Stewart would never do this. Maybe Jon Hamm would, or some other actor whose name has nothing to do with the bathroom, but not Jon Stewart.

He helped Adam Carolla raise money for his next movie
The dude is just funny!

Cranston plays a vet who lost his sense of smell
He rattles off a list of euphemisms for farts unrivaled in human history.

The “erotic fan letter” he read on Conan
It’s a real letter.

And then there’s today’s video for the MLB Playoffs on TBS
Again, the dude is just damn funny!