Bryan Cranston’s ‘One Man MLB Show’ Is Pure Gold [VIDEO]

Seth Richardson Contributor
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Is there anything Bryan Cranston can’t do? The answer is no. He can do everything, including straight slay it in the commercial game. Why doesn’t every organization just pay Cranston infinity number of dollars to do promos for them? It’s pure marketing genius.

This commercial has it all. Cranston being a fool? Check. Cranston doing ballet? Check. Random Pedro Martinez sighting? Check and mate. Love it.

The Emmy people need to create an Emmy to give him for this commercial. He can never win enough Emmys. I’m still miffed he didn’t win six for Breaking Bad. Who else deserved it? Damian Lewis and Jeff Daniels? Please. I watch both “Homeland” and “The Newsroom” and I’ll fight anyone who thinks those two are better than Cranston. Pure garbage. Kyle Chandler got lucky Cranston wasn’t eligible when he won. “Friday Night Lights?” More like Friday Night I’ll fight you in the face if you think Kyle Chandler is better than Bryan Cranston.

Seriously, the guy could film himself going to the bathroom and I’d want it to win an Emmy.

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