Intellectual Giants Of ‘The View’ Attack Krauthammer

Al Weaver Reporter
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What do Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O’Donnell think of Charles Krauthammer?

Whoopi, the show’s moderator, thinks Krauthammer is a “narcissist” and O’Donnell, well, has never even heard of him.

Opening the show Tuesday, “The View” foursome discussed the syndicated columnist’s recent comments that President Obama is a “narcissist.”

“He’s calling President Obama a ‘narcissist,’ saying he’s so self-involved,” said Goldberg. “He uses terms like ‘my military,’ ‘my intelligence community’ in speeches and calling him a narcissist is, I guess…that’s how narcissists refer to other narcissists, right?”

“Who is that guy? I’ve never heard of him,” O’Donnell insisted.

Nicolle Wallace, the new right-leaning voice on the show, stood her ground, saying Krauthammer is a “very well respected” columnist who was “offering his semi-expert opinion” on the matter.

Krauthammer practiced psychiatry prior to becoming a Pulitzer Prize winning commentator.

Wallace, a former White House communications director under President Bush, went on to read the definition of a “narcissist personality,” defending Krauthammer and offering a semi-resistance to her left-wing co-hosts.

In his comments to Hugh Hewitt Monday night, Krauthammer also said that Obama “lives in a cocoon surrounded by sycophants.”