Ebola Expert: Illegal Immigrant Children Could Spread Ebola, TB [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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According to an Ebola expert, the porous U.S.-Mexico border is creating issues that could lead to widespread contraction of Ebola, tuberculosis and a mystery respiratory disease.

Dr. Jane Orient, the executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, told Laura Ingraham’s radio show Wednesday that children who have crossed the border and are now in American schools, could spread the trio of viruses as the illegal children may not have been screened or quarantined thoroughly.

According to Orient, the current situation America faces is a “public health nightmare” and that almost all cases of tuberculosis in America are brought to the country via “foreign born individuals.”

“Virtually all of the cases of drug resistant TB that have been discovered in the United States are in foreign born individuals, and the vast majority of any type of TB is in a person who was born in a foreign country,” said Orient. “It is a public health nightmare to just have one of these cases in your community because the person needs to be quarantined, he needs to have therapy.”

Orient also warned against the possibility of Ebola being spread in America, stating that illegal children “could be” infecting other students, and that “it only takes one infected child.”

“We don’t know for sure the government is being real tight-lipped about this. It only takes one infected child to infect the whole classroom. […] One infected child can infect somebody else and eventually you have thousands of cases being admitted to the hospital,” Orient told the radio host.

“It’s extremely transmissible that’s why people who like the idea of killing off 90 percent of population say it would be an ideal agent for accomplishing that,” Orient said. “There have been attempts to weaponize it, [but] you don’t really need an ICBM warhead to transfer this, you just some infected people coming across your border.”

Orient, a Tuscon, Ariz. based physician, also touched on Enterovirus D68, an intestinal virus that “may be kind of like Polio,” according to the physician. Ingraham framed the virus as a “mystery respiratory disease.”

“It’s causing some children to become paralyzed, […] but then it’s also said to be a respiratory virus that particularly affects asthmatics. […] We don’t know where it is coming from– school has just started, who all is going to school? Are there immigrants from Central America (where this disease has allegedly been prevalent before)? Should we be stereotyping the virus to see whether its like what has been found in some of these countries that are just sending waves of children across our border and they haven’t been quarantined long enough to make sure they are not sick?”