Korean Mayor Pelted With Eggs For Moving Baseball Team

Seth Richardson Contributor
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Korean baseball is serious business. Just ask Changwon Mayor Ahn Sang-soo. He felt the pain after relocating a baseball team at a city council meeting.


BAHAHAHA! Look at that fool. Egged in the face by a FREAKIN’ CITY COUNCILMAN. Politicians getting food thrown at them is top-notch comedy. Robert’s Rule of Order didn’t account for some Three Stooges antics. It’s that little bit of anarchy I need to make it through the day.

How do you come back from having an egg thrown at you? The quick answer is you don’t. Look at the guy. He’s just resigned to his fate. Plus he probably had to finish that meeting with egg on him like a dummy.

And the guy who threw it is on some next-level boss mode. He had those eggs ready, hitman style. Two shots fired, then simply grabbed his briefcase and walked out like a G. Probably had some Geto Boys playing in the background.

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