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Alec Baldwin rags on the press 

“One thing I’m not looking forward to about coming home: the press gets it wrong as a rule these days.” — ex-MSNBCer Alec Baldwin.

Journo bored by governor’s new energy plan and acronyms

“Bobby Jindal is delivering a lecture, and I’m nodding off.” — An auspicious start to a story by Daily Caller‘s Matt Lewis on an appearance  by Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal at the Heritage Foundation. Read here.

TV host opens up about body odors, dating 

“My dating history defies this 100%.” — FNC “Outnumbered” host Jedediah Bila in reaction to a HuffPost story insisting that “we’re more attracted to body odors of people who vote like us.”

Dave Weigel announces seat mate at Benghazi hearing

“Seated next to @samsteinhp at first Benghazi committee hearing. No sign of @swin24 #WhatIsHeHiding” — Slate‘s Dave Weigel.

And the faux feud between Asawin and Weigel continues…

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“I keep thinking ‘this is fun to have new carpet in the press gallery’ and then get deeply sad about my life.” — HuffPost‘s Elise Foley.

PR no-no’s 

“Latest PR pitch email subject headline: “Sorry to be a stalker 🙂 #creepy” — HuffPost‘s Sam Stein

TV journo learns interesting news at dentist 

“I am very thankful for good teeth. But I’m kinda old to find out the hard way I’m allergic to novocaine.” — ABC7’s Stephen Tschida.

No longer on “Morning Joe,” but still sucking up to Joe Scarborough 

“God bless @JoeNBC for calling the situation what it is with Adrian Peterson. Why is everyone so afraid to speak up for these kids?” — ABC “The View’s” Nicolle Wallace.

SHOCKER: reporter has ADD

“Have watched about 50 seconds of The Roosevelts and I’m already bored.” — Vox Media‘s Matthew Yglesias.


Thank You For Sharing: SiriusXM’s Julie Mason reacts to hater

MICHAEL: “We know, we know, @juliemason, you’re the ultimate insider, but cynicism, sarcasm, and general snarkiness get old really fast.”

JULIE: “@antymich My show is not for everyone. There is plenty of earnestness on the radio, I hope you find something you like.”