NYPD Busts Elmo

Melissa Brown Contributor
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In what is becoming a familiar tale, another beloved character in children’s television has hit rock bottom. The New York Police Department arrested Elmo, a Sesame Street muppet, for alleged aggressive panhandling.

Rosa Sanchez, 36, was arrest in Time Square on Tuesday at 3:30 p.m., after becoming aggressive over a tip. Sanchez was found with $200 in cash. The NYPD charged the Elmo character with aggressive solicitation, the New York Post reports(RELATED: NYPD Courageously Defends Tourists From Costumed Panhandlers)

City Council member’s new legislation proposal has put Time Square characters in the spot light. Democrat Andy King’s proposed legislation would regulate street entertains like Sanchez, requiring them to obtain a license, wear a photo ID and stay away from subway and store entrances.

“This bill is strictly about safety in the city of New York,” King said.